IDF forces on the Gaza border
IDF forces on the Gaza borderDavid Cohen/FLASH90

The leaders of Jewish communities and organizations from around the world sent an unprecedented letter of support to the Israeli government, with a joint call to defeat Hamas and settle the Gaza Strip with Jews.

"We are shocked by the brutal attack in which women, children and men were slaughtered, by the destruction of settlements, and the continued shelling of cities and towns throughout the country," they wrote.

They clarified: "We support the military actions of the Israeli government and the IDF. We call for the complete occupation of the Gaza Strip and the overthrow of Hamas rule. The State of Israel and the IDF should fight without fear. The security and peace of our soldiers and citizens of Israel comes before the lives of the enemy."

In the letter, the signatories explained that "the occupation of the Gaza Strip and the collapse of Hamas rule will restore real security and allow the development of the settlement enterprise in the Gaza Strip and the surrounding areas of Gaza, both in Judea and Samaria and in all the Land of Israel."

"The Jewish people have always been united against their enemies. Throughout history, the Jewish people have gone through difficult times and have always won with determination. Even in these moments, we stand with our brothers and call on the Israeli government to fight those who try to harm the people of Israel and keep them away from their land. The response of the people of Israel will be immediate and extensive settlement in all the country, including the Gaza Strip," they wrote at the end.

The letter was signed by the heads of organizations:
Chairman of ZOA in the USA, Morten Klein,
Chairman of AFSI, Judy Kadosh Friedman,
Chairman of AJA in Australia, Dr. David Adler,
Head of Aliya community in New York, Rabbi Moishe Feiglin,
Former president of the Federation in Australia, Dr. Danny Lamm,
Synagogue head in Panama Ezra Cohen,
Chairman of Canadian Friends for the Just Rights of Israel, Goldie Steiner
and many others.

Chairwoman of the Nachala Settlement Movement Daniella Weiss said, "Many Jewish communities have been in contact with us. They are horrified by the actions of the Arab enemy in the south. They also understand that the clear path to Israel's security is Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip."

Lital Slonim, from the management of the Nachala Settlement Movement, said: "The strong support that the Israeli government receives from the heads of the Jewish communities and organizations in the world, combines with the clear demand of the people of Israel. They all understand that Gaza must be under the control of the Israeli government and this must be conveyed to the decision-makers. There needs to be a clear statement that only the option of Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip will be possible from the point of view of the Jewish people in the world in general and in Israel in particular."