Gallant with soldiers
Gallant with soldiersAriel Hermoni, MOD

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told soldiers from the IDF's Yahalom unit, the Special Operations Engineering Unit, that the IDF has “unique solutions” to the threat posed by Hamas' hundreds of miles of terrorist tunnels under the Gaza Strip.

“We have unique solutions to reach all the tunnels and dismantle them underground; we are ready to do it,” Gallant said.

The Defense Minister repeated his assertion that Hamas terrorists face a choice between unconditional surrender or death. “We will reach everywhere, and then the terrorists will have two options: either die in the tunnel or come out. And there, either die from the fire of our forces or surrender unconditionally.”

“There is no third option, those are the only options and that’s how we operate,” he said.

He praised the unit's soldiers for their performance in the war against Hamas. "I have seen what the unit has done until now, first of all during the fighting on October 7, when a lot of regular and reserve forces arrived, fought, killed terrorists, and acted heroically."

"This is a war in which we are going to destroy Hamas, win until we reach everywhere, and dismantle their capabilities, blow up what is needed, destroy tunnels, all while maintaining appropriate security, maintaining the security of our forces, using massive firepower and everything that is needed in terms of the ground operation. I'm not sure there are many armies in the world that have this ability. Train, organize, and prepare the equipment properly," he told the soldiers.