The IAF on Thursday afternoon revealed footage showing an F-35 "Adir" fighter plane intercepting a cruise missile, along with additional footage showing the "Arrow" missile defense system intercepting a surface-to-surface missile.

Earlier this week, a cruise missile was identified as having been launched from the southeast towards Israeli airspace. The systems followed its trajectory and called in F-35 fighter planes, which successfully intercepted the missile.

Later that same day, the IAF intercepted a surface-to-surface missile near the Red Sea area, using the Arrow missile defense system.

From the north to the south, the IAF and its Aerial Defense Array are deployed to provide multi-dimensional defense and provide additional layers of protection against a multitude of threats to the State of Israel.

IAF soldiers continuously plan and manage defensive responses and are prepared for any threat from any arena. Israeli active missile defense operations are part of the overall defensive capabilities and are based on the guidelines of the Home Front Command.

"A surface-to-surface missile was fired toward Israeli territory from the area of the Red Sea and was successfully intercepted by the 'Arrow' Aerial Defense System," the military confirmed on Tuesday. "IAF detection systems tracked the trajectory of the missile, which was successfully intercepted by the 'Arrow' Aerial Defense System at the optimal operational moment and location."

On Tuesday night, the IDF Aerial Defense Array intercepted an aerial threat that was identified in the area of the Red Sea. The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said that no threat was posed to civilians and no infiltration into Israeli territory was identified.

Earlier, residents of Eilat reported hearing explosions in the city and seeing the trail of a missile interception in the sky. No siren was sounded.

It is believed the threat that was intercepted originated in Yemen.