Yossi Dagan
Yossi DaganYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan on Thursday responded to a shooting attack in Samaria, which left one Israeli dead.

"We all understand that as of today, the family of the perpetrator of today's murder will begin to receive a monthly paycheck from the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority - the reward for the murder of a Jew," Dagan stressed.

Calling on the government to make fundamental changes to its approach in Judea and Samaria, Dagan said: "This is a very painful attack that has taken a very painful toll on the communities of Shavei Shomron, Einav and beyond. We send a message of support and strength to our IDF fighters and to all our security forces."

"I say to the government: The nation is behind you. You have full support to strike a mortal blow to the terrorists. Until you do so, we will continue to suffer blow after blow to our citizens and our communities.

"You must recalibrate, change your approach, rethink the underlying principles, just as you have done regarding Gaza. These are the same despicable Nazi terrorists of Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority is no different.

"Only two days ago, we demanded that the approach be completely redesigned, and the road from Nablus that leads to Einav be blocked. To my great dismay, after two days of pleading, and after this fatal shooting, a partial closure has been enforced. Too little, too late - and we are paying in blood.

"Let me be perfectly clear: I speak for myself and for all the residents of Samaria when I say that we stand behind the IDF and the government, and we are full partners in the war effort. I call upon the government to completely recalibrate the approach to Judea and Samaria. We all know that effective immediately, the family of the terrorist who carried out this murderous attack will receive a very generous monthly salary from the terrorist Palestinian Authority, a reward for the murder of Jews.

"The terrorists in Judea and Samaria must be treated precisely the same way their Nazi comrades are being dealt with in Gaza. We will not accept the spilling of Jewish blood - not in the Gaza Envelope communities, and not in Judea and Samaria. Be strong, hit them with a fatal blow, and we will see victory at last!"