Scene of the massacre in Nahal Oz
Scene of the massacre in Nahal OzYonatan Sindel/Flash90

One after another, many of Israel's MKs on Wednesday left a screening of footage showing the Hamas massacre of October 7.

The uncensored footage was taken from the helmet camera of a Hamas terrorists, and shown for the first time to members of Israel's Knesset.

Among those who chose to attend the screening were three of Ra'am's (United Arab List) MKs. MK Mansour Abbas, who heads Ra'am, responded to a query regarding why Allah was part of the massacre by saying, "It is a desecration of G-d's Name."

All MKs who watched the screening left their phones outside the room. Most of them did not manage to sit through until the end.

At the same time, there was a consensus that the footage should be shown to parliamentarians around the world.

Some of the Israeli MKs exiting the screening were bawling, while others required medical attention after viewing the inhumane actions of the terrorists.

MK Michal Woldiger said, "They are Amalek and we need to erase them. We just need to wipe them off the face of the earth, because there is not a single gram, not a single speck, of humanity in what they did."

"We saw burned babies, burned elderly, burned women," she added.

Footage of the Knesset during and after the screening showed MKs standing on the side in the hallways, crying, as others attempted to offer comfort.

MK Moshe Solomon (Religious Zionism) said, "These Nazis who came here did not come in order to conquer - they came to carry out a Holocaust against people. The world must see these videos, know that these people must not be allowed to live on the earth."

Interior Minister Moshe Arbel (Shas), who was among those who left in the middle, said, "I was not able to remain until the end. These images were too difficult, despite my attempts to stick it out."