Shuafat camp. Archive
Shuafat camp. ArchivePolice Spokesperson

Detectives from the Jerusalem District Police and undercover Border Police officers, guided by the Shin Bet, arrested two terrorists in their 20s from the Shuafat "Refugee" Camp in Jerusalem for allegedly planning a combined terror attack after they made contact with a terror organization.

The investigation found that the two terrorists made contact with terrorists in Judea and Samaria and, with their assistance, planned to carry out a terror attack that would combine shooting, luring security forces, and detonating explosive devices in an apartment in Shuafat. The terrorists intended to purchase weapons and had already, in fact, purchased materials and ingredients to build explosive devices in their apartment.

Three weeks ago, security forces raided the apartment and found various chemical materials, receptacles, instructions for building bombs, and various ingredients that were allegedly expected to turn into bombs for the combined terror attack.

The detention of the terrorists is being extended as needed by the court.