IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari
IDF Spokesperson Daniel HagariAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

IDF Spokesperson, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, addressed the Israeli press on Wednesday evening, the 26th day of the war in Gaza, and said that the ground operation is progressing as planned.

"Our troops are deepening the fighting in the Gaza Strip. Through advance planning, precise intelligence by the Intelligence Directorate, and combined strikes, our forces have breached Hamas' forward lines of defense in the northern Gaza Strip.

According to him, "Parallel to the ground operation, the airstrikes will continue. During the day, Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi authorized the plans for the continuation of the war."

Hagari discussed the number of fallen in the war. "331 IDF soldiers have fallen since the beginning of the war. The soldiers who fell lent a crucial contribution to the security of Israel, thanks to them, we will win."

Regarding the tragic incident, in which nine soldiers from the Givati Brigade were killed when an anti-tank missile hit the Namer APC that they were riding in, Hagari stated: "We are investigating, learning lessons, and learning as the war progresses. This is a very tough and painful incident, but it is not similar to past incidents, and we still have to learn before we give decisive answers."

He was asked how the IDF is contending with the fact that Hamas uses the hospitals in Gaza and answered: "It is a problem that we can not ignore. We don't kill innocent civilians, and we don't hit hospitals, we need to peel this problem away and deal with it together with the world. We will find the appropriate solution, and it is clear to us that this is a great challenge in this war."