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It is now three and a half weeks after the start of what is generally referred to in Israel as the Simchat Torah War. A war that started on this Jewish holiday after the Palestinian Arab terrorist organization Hamas carried out a bloody invasion of southern Israel, committing heinous crimes against humanity.

Only a select group of first aid workers, IDF military, government officials, Members of Knesset and journalists, but also American President Joe Biden and other leaders of Western countries, know how horrific these crimes were.

Biden's unprecedented response to what happened in Israel on October 7, 2023, and what he did afterward to help the country can safely be called unique, but it clearly had to do with what he was shown about Hamas' atrocities in southern Israel when he visited the country after the massacre.

Until now, journalists, including myself, have been reluctant to report on the horror Hamas caused in southern Israel.

The comparison with the actions of the Einsatz Gruppen of Hitler's SS and with those of Daesh or ISIS seemed justified, but Hamas went further. Deash did not behead babies and the SS did not rape dead women as Hamas did on 7/10 in southern Israel.

The only two organizations to date to publish photos and videos of Hamas's unimaginable atrocities are MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, and the ad hoc group South First Responders that documents on Telegram what was found in places like Kibbutz Be'eri and Kfar Aza.

In this article, I will write information that has not yet appeared in the international media.

After all, the Allies also had the press document and publish the horrors found in concentration camps such as Bergen Belsen during the conquest of Poland and Germany.


The Telegram channel of the South First Responders posted a video showing how a Hamas terrorist shot an Israeli man in the head in his stationary car. The terrorist then pulled the man's dead body half out of the car and released the vehicle's handbrake after which the car began to drive slowly and drove over a sidewalk, crushing the driver's body.

Another video shows the burned bodies of a man and his daughter who hugged each other while their bodies were tied together with iron wire.

In a video that Israel's UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan showed to members of the UN Security Council, a Hamas terrorist can be seen beheading a living Thai migrant worker with a spade.

A photo taken by a member of the religious aid organization ZAKA, which always cares for the dead bodies of terror victims, shows the burned head of an Israeli woman whom Hamas also beheaded.

Another photo shows the body of an Israeli man who was also set on fire while alive.

Apparently, to avoid the terrorists from having to hear his screams, his mouth was gagged with what looked like a kitchen towel.

Then there was the news last Monday that the remains of German-Israeli woman Shani Louk had been found in Gaza.

The woman was last seen in a Hamas video showing her unconscious after being raped and tortured. Shani's family later announced that a body part of hers had been found and that one could not live without it.

Yesterday I received information that only the head of the young woman had been found.

Also on Monday, October 30, I received information from Marina Medvin who is a renowned crime expert and is living in Virginia in the United States.

She wrote in that message that Hamas terrorists entered the home of an Israeli family and then murdered the father of the family in front of his wife.

They then took the couple's baby and put him/her in the glowing oven in the kitchen after which they raped the mother and forced her to listen to the child's heartbreaking screams and then murdered the woman as well.

Almost all of this documentation was created by the terrorists themselves who brought cameras with them and then was published on social media by Palestinian Arabs in Gaza.

In Israel, many have now become aware in one way or another of these horrific crimes by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists but are unable to watch the footage and are careful to keep it from public broadcasting that children might see. Still, it has had a huge impact on society.

This explains the determination of the IDF soldiers who are now in Gaza and the attitudes of the politicians who overcame their differences and are now for the first time determined to eliminate the Hamas terror organization and assassinate their leaders one by one.

Another effect is that people who have always been in favor of peace negotiations with Hamas and the other Palestinian Arab groups have completely changed their opinion.

Among them is the Israeli journalist Shlomi Eldar who has always had contacts with Hamas and is an expert on Gaza.

Eldar was interviewed by Israel's KAN 11 TV station after October 7 and cried as he talked about a phone conversation he had with a Hamas leader after the massacre.

After the Hamas terrorist disconnected the call when Eldar asked why they killed babies, the Israeli journalist sent an SMS message in which he begged the Hamas leader to at least release the captive babies, but in vain.

When Eldar was asked if he was still in favor of talks with Hamas, he replied: "Have we had talks with the Nazis?"

Yochanan Visser is an independent journalist/analyst who worked for many years as Middle East correspondent for Western Journalism.com in Arizona and was a frequent publicist for the main Dutch paper De Volkskrant. He authoreda book in the Dutch language about the cognitive war against Israel and now lives in Gush Etzion.