One of the OU's activities for displaced residents of southern Israel
One of the OU's activities for displaced residents of southern IsraelCourtesy

Raising donations of millions of shekels, supporting the displaced from the war zone, establishing a network of support for new immigrants during the war, and garnering the support of Jewish communities in the United States are just part of the activities that the Jewish organization OU is engaged in these days in Israel.

The organization, which has been operating for twenty-two years in the south and north, is connected to municipalities, communities, and schools. Therefore, the OU teams understood the needs and intensified their activities in places with a need for reinforcement, rallying the members in the United States for the cause.

Since the beginning of the war on the morning of Simchat Torah over three weeks ago, the organization assessed the needs of the families and communities. Based on their understanding of these needs, they raised over two million dollars for the residents of the surrounding areas and families displaced from their homes in the south and north.

Following the success of the carnival activities for the displaced, the OU is working to carry out similar activities in additional focal points for the displaced.

In the coming days, forty leaders of Jewish communities from the United States will arrive to support communities here in Israel. Each community in the United States will support a community that it cares for, connects with, and will be there to provide assistance and support. The goal is to deepen the collaboration that will be established and to address the needs of the community.

In addition to the organization's activities for identification and support, OU President Mitchel Aeder and OU Worldwide CEO Rabbi Moshe Hauer came to Israel for a solidarity visit with the families surrounding the affected areas and the IDF soldiers. During the visit, they toured the city of Sderot, met with reserve soldiers in the north of the country, with the families of the abducted and the families affected in the Gaza vicinity, with Minister of Aliyah and Integration Ofir Sofer, and with President of the State Isaac Herzog.

Rabbi Avi Berman, CEO of the OU in Israel, said: "We are here for thousands of families who are not in the country these days. We have expanded our activities to strengthen the families and help them recover. Judaism in the United States is here more than ever alongside the communities in Israel. Together, we will prevail."