Hamas terrorists infiltrate Israel
Hamas terrorists infiltrate IsraelAtia Mohammed/Flash90

On October 7, Hamas terrorists roamed the party area in Re’im – armed and bloodthirsty. One of them caught Suhib Abu Amer, a young Palestinian Authority Arab, grabbed his shirt, and demanded to be told where the soldiers were, while the rest shouted "leave him alone."

Channel 12 News reported that Abu Amer was caught, interrogated, and executed: Suhib Abu Amer, a Palestinian bus driver, was in the area of the "Nova" party area near Re'im, where Hamas terrorists were looking to murder innocent civilians. Documentation from that shocking morning shows the terrorists taking him by force and then realizing that he is not a Jew.

"Are you an Arab?" asked one of the terrorists. The rest replied: "He is from Jerusalem, a bus driver."

Immediately, another terrorist approached Abu Amer, who looked frightened, grabbed him by the shirt and demanded to know the location of soldiers in the area: "Where are they? Where? Where did they go?" In the background, the other terrorists shouted at him to "leave him."

This documentation proves that the terrorists did not hesitate to murder Abu Amer – even though they knew he was a Palestinian Arab resident of East Jerusalem. His body was found a few days later.

A video that was published about two weeks ago is from the head cameras of the terrorists in the party complex in Re'im, in which the terrorists are seen encouraging each other – and murdering the partygoers who tried to escape.

The video clips have been published by the security forces who found the cameras. The mostly-censored video clip shows cars on fire and terrorists executing everyone they encountered with unimaginable brutality. In another picture captured by the terrorists' camera, hundreds of partygoers are seen trying to escape the massacre.