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A student who allegedly made threats of a mass shooting and antisemitic violence at Cornell University has been criminally charged, Fox News reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, court documents show that 21-year-old Patrick Dai, a junior at Cornell, has been federally charged in connection with the threats following an investigation by the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Earlier it was reported that a suspect is in custody for posting the threatening statements.

The menacing messages, posted over the weekend on a forum about fraternities and sororities, alarmed students at the school in upstate New York and led to students being advised to stay away from the school’s kosher dining hall.

“We can confirm that a subject has been identified as a suspect in the antisemitic threats made against our Jewish students on Sunday and is currently in custody,” Joel M. Malina, vice president for university relations, said in a statement.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said an individual identified Tuesday as “a person of interest” was in the custody of state police for questioning.

State police referred questions about the case to Cornell.

The Cornell University Police Department reacted to the threats by increasing patrols and arranging additional security for Jewish students and organizations. A state police cruiser was parked in the street in front of the Center for Jewish Living on Monday, according to AP.

Notably, the threats to Jewish students at Cornell came amid an escalation in anti-Israel sentiments and incidents on campuses in the US.

Last Wednesday, Jewish students at Cooper Union College in New York City were forced to lock themselves inside the library as a mob of anti-Israeli protesters blocked the doors.

About 40 minutes later, security escorted the students out of the building via a tunnel.

Earlier this month, alumni of the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School launched an online petition in which they urge the Dean of the Law School to make a statement against the atrocities committed by Hamas in Israel and be a voice of morality.

At Columbia University, an Israeli American professor blasted his employer in a fiery speech on campus, in which he ripped the university and its president for not publicly denouncing pro-Palestinian Arab student organizations.

This past Thursday, the US Senate unanimously passed a bipartisan resolution denouncing antisemitism at higher education institutions and pushing leaders, administrators and faculty to voice their opposition to antisemitism on campus.