IDU working dog checks a building in southern Israel
IDU working dog checks a building in southern IsraelPhoto: IDU

Although twenty-six days have passed since the Hamas invasion, there are still Israelis unaccounted for in the war zone near the Gaza Strip. The Israel Dog Unit, a nonprofit organization specializing in search and rescue, along with the IDF, continues to sweep areas for those out of contact despite operational complexities and harsh terrain.

The Israel Dog Unit has also accelerated its training programs to ready dozens of additional working dogs and handlers for a variety of assignments to provide border towns with additional security and to integrate dogs and handlers to aid in the war effort.

The Israel Dog Unit reports that it has brought dogs with several different kinds of training to the Gaza Strip region, to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing situations in the area.

A spokesman for the Israel Dog Unit commented: "The mission is not yet complete. We are working to make our unique contribution to the security of the country and its citizens."