Testing the Arrow
Testing the ArrowFlash 90

The IAF on Tuesday thwarted an aerial threat in the area of the Red Sea - its first operational interception by the “Arrow” Aerial Defense System since the beginning of the war, the IDF said in a statement.

"A surface-to-surface missile was fired toward Israeli territory from the area of the Red Sea and was successfully intercepted by the 'Arrow' Aerial Defense System," the military confirmed.

It added, "IAF detection systems tracked the trajectory of the missile, which was successfully intercepted by the 'Arrow' Aerial Defense System at the optimal operational moment and location."

Additionally, IAF fighter jets were scrambled this morning due to an aerial threat identified in the area of the Red Sea and intercepted aerial threats that flew in the area.

"All aerial threats were intercepted outside of Israeli territory," the IDF stressed. "No infiltrations were identified into Israeli territory."

Earlier on Tuesday, Hezam al-Asad, a member of the Political Bureau of Ansar Allah (the Houthi movement) and a member of the Shura Council, hinted that his organization was responsible for the launch of a hostile aircraft towards Eilat, Israel's southernmost city.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, al-Asad shared an Al Jazeera update, captioning it, "Al Jazeera, citing the Israeli Home Front. I liked the word 'suspicion' in the news," and adding a laugh emoji.

Later on Tuesday, the Houthis confirmed that they had in fact launched a UAV towards Israel.