Atty. Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, President of the Shurat Hadin organization which seeks to utilize court systems around the world against Israel’s enemies, spoke with Israel National News - Arutz Sheva about the organization's legal efforts to support the war against Hamas.

"We are calling on lawyers to join the fight for Israel after the horrific pogrom of Oct. 7," Nitsana said. "The war will, ultimately, be decided by international law. To allow the military to achieve their goal of eliminating Hamas completely, we have to push back on any international pressure that's been put on IDF soldiers to end the war early due to war crimes or harm to civilians. We go to the international courts and show who is the real war criminal. We file lawsuits against Hamas leaders for their atrocities, which are war crimes and crimes against humanity."

Nitsana explained why a terrorist organization would be affected by court proceedings: "If we can get arrest warrants, the member-states of this court will have to arrest the terrorist involved. This is also true for Interpol - if the international court issues an international warrant, any country signed on Interpol will need to arrest them."

Qatar, she said, is the organization's primary target: "Qatar is the mother of Hamas. They gave Hamas money and oil and supported them from beginning to end. If you want to eliminate Hamas, you need to fight Qatar."

She explained how the fight against Qatar is being arranged: "We will file lawsuits, not against Qatar, but against Qatari banks that wired the money, the Qatar Foundation charity, the Qatar Oil Company that sent oil to Gaza, and by that we will hopefully put Qatar in a position to put pressure on Hamas to stop the war and release the hostages."

Nitsana also demanded action from the Red Cross: "This organization has an obligation, by the Geneva Convention and UN resolutions, to see to the welfare of captives in any armed conflict. That is especially so given that these are civilians, which have been seized in violation of any law in the world. Since the Holocaust, the Red Cross has not been interested in the fate of the Jews, when they refused to visit the concentration camps. They have not done anything for Israeli prisoners until now. Here, the only thing we have heard from the Red Cross since the beginning of the war has been 'sorrow and concern for the population of Gaza' - nothing about the massacre or the hostages."