Conference of Presidents leaders visit Gaza border
Conference of Presidents leaders visit Gaza borderAvi Hayun
Theres so much to say for this historic time. Only three weeks ago our people were slaughtered, raped and beheaded. The worst days for our people since the Holocaust.

And already we are being attacked – already being asked to explain. Zero time to think, to mourn, to reflect. Instead we are under attack with lies and anti-Semitism at all levels.

It wasn’t enough to burn us alive, you also have to threaten us in the streets worldwide.

Not enough to commit terrorism in our country, but also attack at all levels.

As an Israeli, I realize the reality we are facing. And as we have said from the start of the war, its us or them. We will win and that’s all. Finished.

Israel is in a state of war. And that causes chaos. And there’s a lot of chaos today in Israel and in the American Jewish community.

As an American in New York City, I see a broken American Jewry. I see an American Jewish community which is deafeningly silent, well behaved and which refuses to accept reality. There isn’t a Jewish organization equipped for this for many reasons, but foremost among them is that their value system cannot accept the reality.

The American Jewish community cannot accept the fact that all along Zionists have been right – the only place a Jew can ever truly be safe is Israel. Self-Defense for Jews is needed, we are our only allies.

And yet, this blind devotion to liberal values has helped place us in this system. The vast overwhelming amount of American Jews are Democrats. They kvetch constantly about an academic system where they complain to people who hate Jews. And they don’t know how to accept it. They cant fathom the fact that in Israel there’s a right wing government and this whole fallacy they’ve convinced themselves is reality is over.

Campuses are on fire and they don’t know what to do with it. And American Jews still wont accept the fact that there has to be a complete re-education. American Jewish leaders must all be replaced.

So few of them have heard of the Great Ze’ev Jabotinsky whose words should be listened to today. Jabotinsky who spoke of the need for Jewish self-defense and for Jews to have guns are completely against the value system of todays American Jewish leaders who for years have taught us that multicultural dialogue, gun control and weakness were Jewish values. Organizations like the ADL have been destroyed by people who simply espouse liberal – not Jewish values.

And American Jews simply wont listen. They refuse to take any responsibility and continue to stifle discussion.

The Jewish world is in a crisis. New leadership has to emerge quickly that can quickly adapt to the new world in which the Jewish community finds itself. Scary times.

Ronn Torossianis an American Israeli who lives between Manhattan and Tel Aviv.