President of Brazil Lula da Silva
President of Brazil Lula da SilvaREUTERS

President of Brazil Lula de Sibela gave a belligerent speech in Israel in which he claimed, among others, that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians and added that he believes that Hamas is not a terrorist organization.

“The actions carried out by Hamas are acts of terrorism aimed at innocent civilians, this organization is not a terrorist organization because the UN Security Council does not recognize it as such," he said.

This statement comes in contrast to a survey published yesterday (Saturday) in Brazil, according to which 76% of Brazilian citizens regard Hamas as a terrorist organization. 10% claimed that Hamas is a "resistance organization", and 14% replied that they have no opinion on the matter.

71% of voters who supported leftist President Lula claimed that Hamas was a terrorist organization, while 84% of supporters of the previous president, Jair Bolsonaro, defined Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Regarding Brazil's unequivocal decision not to define Hamas as a terrorist organization, 57% claimed that the country's approach was wrong, while 26% claimed that the country was right in its approach.

61% of Brazilians claimed that Israel's response was unjustified, 30% claimed that it was justified, and 9% did not answer.

Last week, a large section of Brazil's Congress members decided to play Israel’s anthem, Hatikva, in the parliament’s plenary session as a demonstration of solidarity with Israel.