Hamas leaders eliminated so far
Hamas leaders eliminated so farIDF

The IDF published this morning (Sunday), on the 23rd day of the war, an interim summary of the Hamas terrorists who have been eliminated since the beginning of the war in Gaza.

So far, a number of unit leaders and camp commanders have been eliminated, as well as battalion commanders and many terrorists who actively participated in the massacre in the Gaza Strip region.

Among those killed are Atsam Abu Raffa - the head of the Hamas air force, Ayman Nofal - the commander of Hamas's central camp and the organization's former head of military intelligence, Shadi Barud - the deputy head of Hamas' military intelligence and Jawad Abu Shamala - the terrorist organization's minister of economy .

Also eliminated were Ratab Abu Zahiban - the commander of the naval force of the Hamas Gaza division, Zakaria Abu Ma'mar - a member of the political bureau and an associate of Yahi Sinwar and Jamila Alshanti - a member of the organization's political bureau.

In cooperation with the Shin Bet, the security forces were also able to eliminate Tarek Maruf - the commander of the combat and administrative assistance of the Darj Tafah battalion, Selah Shaaban - a senior in the military branch in the central camps, Muhammad Zvih - a senior who served as an engineer and head of a unit in the organization's munitions production headquarters, Younes Mashtaha - one of the commanders of the offensive Nuh'ba companies, Midhat Mabasher - commander of the West Khan Younes battalion, Afif Aliyan - one of the commanders of the offensive Nuh'ba companies and Talal Alhandi - a senior member of the Hamas movement and the military wing in the central strip.