UN General Assembly
UN General AssemblyReuters

The UN General Assembly on Friday approved a resolution urging an "immediate, lasting and sustainable humanitarian ceasefire" in the Gaza Strip.

120 countries voted in favor of the resolution, 14 voted against, and 45 abstained.

Israel and the US were among the 14 countries that voted against the resolution, due to the fact that it failed to condemn Hamas for the October 7 terrorist massacres against Israelis.

Before the vote on the resolution, the UN General Assembly rejected a US amendment to the resolution which would have condemned Hamas.

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, responded to the vote and said, "The vote shows that the majority of the international community prefers to support the defense of Nazi terrorists instead of Israel. The UN does not hold legitimacy or relevance. The only way to destroy Hamas is to root them out of their tunnels and underground city of terror."

The vote in the General Assembly came after the UN Security Council twice failed to pass a resolution related to the Israel-Hamas war.

On Wednesday, Russia and China vetoed a US-drafted UN Security Council resolution on the war between Israel and Hamas.

The draft condemned the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel, supported Israel’s right to defend itself, and called for the unconditional release of hostages from Gaza.

Wednesday’s vote came more than a week after a Russian-drafted UN Security Council resolution, that would have called for a humanitarian ceasefire in the war in Gaza, failed to pass after it did not achieve the minimum nine votes needed in the 15-member body.

The text was controversial because, while it referred to Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, it did not directly name Hamas, whose terrorists murdered at least 1,400 people in Israel on October 7.

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