Overnight, the IDF killed Madhath Mubashar, the Commander of the Western Khan Yunis Battalion of the Hamas terrorist organization. Madhath took part in explosives and sniper attacks against Israeli civilian communities and IDF soldiers.

Furthermore, over the past day, IDF fighter jets struck over 250 military targets belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip. These included tunnels, dozens of Hamas operatives, operational command centers, and launch sites.

Overnight, an IDF UAV fell in the Gaza Strip as a result of a technical malfunction. There is no risk of an information breach, and the incident is under review.

Yesterday (Thursday), in was announced that IDF fighter jets struck three senior Hamas operatives in its Daraj Tuffah Battalion. The terrorists had participated in previous attacks against Israel.

The terrorists targeted were:

- Batallion Commander, Rifaat Abbas
- Batallion Deputy Commander, Ibrahim Jadba
- Combat Support Commander, Tarek Maarouf

The Daraj Tuffah Battalion is a battalion in Hamas’ Gaza City Brigade, which is considered the most significant brigade of the Hamas terrorist organization. The battalion's operatives played a significant role in the invasion and murderous attack against Israel on October 7th.

It was reported earlier today (Thursday) that the IDF and ISA had killed the Deputy Head of Hamas’ Intelligence Directorate, who was responsible for planning the October 7th massacre together with Yahya Sinwar

Based on precise IDF and ISA intelligence, IDF fighter jets struck the Deputy Head of the Hamas’ Intelligence Directorate, Shadi Barud.

In his previous role as the Head of the Fire Control Center in Hamas' Operations Unit, Barud planned the barbaric October 7th attacks in which 1,400 Israelis were murdered and over 200 taken captive together with Yahya Sinwar, Hamas' Gaza leader. Barud had previously served as Hamas' battalion commander in Khan Yunis and was responsible for planning numerous terror attacks against Israeli civilians.

Following this, Barud held several positions in Hamas' military intelligence, and was responsible for information security. Until today, he was responsible for intelligence relations for Hamas.