pro-Palestine demonstration
pro-Palestine demonstrationTomer Neuberg/Flash90

Pro-Palestinian organizations have announced that they will hold an anti-Israel rally on Saturday, Shabbat, that will begin at the Brooklyn Museum and is supposed to pass through neighborhoods where many members of the city's Jewish community live.

The Shmira organization published a statement warning the members of the Jewish community to stay away from the area where the anti-Israel rally is supposed to take place and to remain alert for outbreaks of anti-Jewish violence.

"We are in regular contact with the New York Police Department, who are fully aware of this incident. The police and the Shmira organization will increase our patrols at this time. We ask the community to try and avoid the area and remain cautious and vigilant," the organization said.

A security source told that "Jews should definitely avoid the area. There is currently no information in which direction the protest will turn. The locals should definitely stay away from this area," said the security source."

The demonstration, dubbed 'Flood Brooklyn for Gaza,' will pass through the heavily Chabad-Hasidic neighborhood of Crown Heights and will end near the home of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who is Jewish.

The pro-Palestinian organizations organizing the demonstration on Saturday wrote in their public announcements that "the more they try to silence us, the louder we will be. From across the city and from all over the world, from across communities and national liberation struggles, we are united in the defense of Gaza and all of Palestine, until its liberation and return within our lifetime. Bring flags, signs, hats and help spread the word by sharing it widely."