An explosion occurred at a medical facility in the Egyptian resort town of Taba, located near the Israeli border, overnight Thursday, injuring six people, Reuters reported, citing Egypt's Al Qahera News.

Taba is a resort town on the Red Sea, which is located just opposite the southern Israeli resort city of Eilat.

A witness in Taba reported hearing an explosion and seeing heavy smoke and dust rising.

Al Qahera reported the missile struck a Taba ambulance facility and a residential building for the administration of the Taba Hospital.

It also reported the blast Taba was related to fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Reuters reported that Egyptian security forces arrived at the scene and are investigating the incident. Authorities suspect that the explosion was caused by a downed unmanned aircraft that was launched by Houthi rebels in Yemen and was directed towards Eilat, but that has not yet been confirmed.

The IDF said it was aware of a security incident in the area and added that it unfolded "outside of our border".

Later, IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari stated that "in the last few hours, an aerial threat has been identified in the Red Sea area. Fighter jets have been launched, and the matter is under investigation. According to our intelligence, the damage that was done to Egypt originated from this threat."