Israel's Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan spoke today (Thursday) at the emergency meeting of the UN's General Assembly on the Israel-Hamas war. The meeting will last two days and tomorrow, there will be a vote on a proposed resolution submitted by Jordan that does not mention or condemn Hamas at all.

Ambassador Erdan showed a video of a terrorist trying to behead a victim, "I have seen much footage over the past weeks that will be seared into my mind forever, but there is one sight that I keep on seeing when I try to sleep. In the video, one can see a terribly injured civilian – bloodied, yet alive – laying on the ground as a Hamas savage screaming Allahu Akbar repeatedly pummels the man’s neck with a garden hoe in order to decapitate him. The man on the ground is an agricultural worker from Thailand. He is not Israeli. He is not Jewish. He was merely alive, trying to make a living for his family. But he was decapitated with a blunt gardening tool. Horrifying! Israel is not at war with human beings, we are at war with monsters."

The Ambassador also presented a QR code distributed by members of the Permanent Mission of Israel to the UN with a link of the shocking photos of Israelis burned alive by Hamas terrorists. "What you see here are not pictures from Auschwitz, but Israelis, raped, butchered, and burned alive. This is not Auschwitz, this is Hamas."

Ambassador Erdan described the horrific terror attack on October 7th, "Barbaric Hamas terrorists invaded Israel. From the sea, the land, and the air. They came with one purpose – to savagely murder every living thing they encountered. Hamas Nazi murderers went from house to house with hit lists. A thoroughly planned, willful, premeditated attack. They brutally murdered civilians in their beds. They drove pickup trucks with machine guns – yes, just like ISIS – and fired blindly at hundreds of young people at a concert. 300 were burned alive or butchered. Much of what remained were clumps of flesh and bloody limbs. Parents had to bring their children’s toothbrushes for DNA, so they could figure out whose limb belonged to who. These Hamas monsters raped women and children, parading naked girls that they raped and bodies that they defiled, through the streets of Gaza, while thousands jeered and cheered. The savages tortured small babies. Just like the Nazis, Hamas terrorists removed infants from their cribs and swung them repeatedly against the ground until their skulls became a pulp. Children were murdered in front of their parents. And parents in front of their children."

The Ambassador told the story of Amit Mann, a 22-year-old Magen David Adom paramedic from Kibbutz Be'eri. When Hamas invaded the kibbutz, she ran to the clinic to treat as many injured as possible. When the terrorists finally broke through her clinic, they shot her in the head. With the permission of her family, Ambassador Erdan presented a picture of how Amit's body was found.

"Ambulances were set on fire. Dozens of Magen David Adom medical teams were intentionally targeted on their way to tend to the wounded, and many other paramedics were murdered. Barzilay Hospital, in Israel, suffered direct hits from Hamas rockets. Hamas has been deliberately firing rockets at it for years. Yet not a single condemnation of this barbarity has been mentioned here. Not by the Security Council. Not by the Secretary-General. And not by this absurd Resolution. It seems that hospitals and medical teams only need to be “protected”, as long as they aren’t Israeli. The hypocrisy is beyond belief."

"A clump of charred human remains that was burned beyond recognition was found. At first the medical personnel couldn’t figure out what they were looking at. Yet after a CT scan it became clear that they were two spines bound together with wire – one belonging to an adult, and the other, the small spine of a child. Try to imagine that parent’s feeling as they and their child were burning alive. The painful screaming of the love of their life was the last thing they heard."

Referring to the drafters of the resolution, Ambassador Erdan said, "The drafters of the Resolution claim to be concerned about “peace”, yet the depraved murderers who initiated this war are not even mentioned in the resolution. They see each one of you as a puppet. They write a Resolution completely devoid of any content related to the situation, they assume that you have already forgotten who it is that is responsible for the inhuman violence, and they just expect you to support it. This resolution is a disgrace to your intelligence. It is unfathomable that such a resolution – one that doesn’t even mention Hamas – could possibly be voted upon."