Damascus Gate
Damascus GateHezki Baruch

A minor, resident of the Old City of Jerusalem was attacked yesterday (Wednesday) with rocks and severe blows near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, while he was riding his bicycle.

The attackers were two Arabs, 17 years old and 13 years old, who blocked the minor’s path, beat him, and threw rocks at him, without any prior interaction between them.

The Honenu organization contacted the police and said that this was a life-threatening attack on a racial background and asked that the two attackers be brought to justice.

The incident occurred near the Damascus gate when the minor noticed the teens blocking his path. The younger of the two pushed the boy off his bike and started beating him while the older one started throwing rocks at him.

As the minor was afraid of being hit by the rocks, he left his bike and hurried towards the stone-thrower. When he got closer, the stone-thrower started punching him in the face. As a result, his glasses fell to the ground and broke, his face was bruised, and his mouth began to bleed. When he tried to flee the scene, the younger assailant came behind him and continued to punch him. At this point, he managed to escape from them, grab his bike and run away.

Immediately after the incident, the minor who was attacked came to the David police station and filed a complaint. In a letter sent today to the police by attorney Ofir Steiner, who represents the minor on behalf of the Honenu organization, he called on the police to exhaust the law with them.

"This is a serious case of a life-threatening attack on a minor, on racial grounds. Therefore, the suspects must be brought to justice," Steiner wrote in his letter. He also asked the police for information about the case, and to know if any suspects were arrested and where the investigation stands.

Steiner said: "In the center of the capital city, during a war, a brutal and antisemitic attack on a minor. Such an incident must be enforced with a heavy hand, quickly, and with complete justice to the attackers. This is also necessary for the sake of deterrence. Indeed, there are other violent people who are looking at the enforcement forces and are waiting to see what will be done with them?"