Danon leads tour of south
Danon leads tour of southspokesperson

Member of Israel’s Knesset, and Israel’s former Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, today led a group of Israel’s young global influencers on a tour of Israel’s Southern communities, to the site of the Nova music festival, to Kfar Aza and to Netivot in order to expose as many people as possible to the atrocities committed by the criminal terrorist organization Hamas.

Influencers joining the visit, most with hundreds of thousands of followers in Israel and internationally, included Avi Yemini, Marina Kuznetsova, Asif Elkayam, Ella Kinen, Ira Dolphin, Natalie Dadon and India Naftali. Many of these influencers hold dual nationalities from Israel, Russia, Japan, Australia and the US, amongst others and plan to communicate the horrors in multiple languages.

The group visited the scene of the music festival, near Kibbutz Re’im and witnessed the site of the massacre of young people committed by Hamas on the holiday of Simchat Torah, October 7, 2023. They also toured Kfar Aza, one of the communities where innocent civilians were slaughtered, tortured and burned alive. The visit ended in Netivot where the group met with Mayor Yehiel Zohar and local residents and heard their stories. They also witnessed the site of a missile attack where three members of one household were killed in an instant.

MK Ambassador Danny Danon said: “It is vital to visit the communities of the South and bear witness now to the atrocities that occurred here. Our entire group was shocked and devastated by the sights they saw and stories they heard. There is no justification at all for the unprovoked Hamas genocidal terror. They should be condemned unequivocally for what they did to innocent babies, small children, women and men. Hamas is still holding captive over 200 hostages from Israel’s Southern communities and we call on them to end their war crimes and release the hostages immediately without conditions. We must all continue to speak out and share the truth.”

Influencer Nataly Dadon said of the visit: "Today we witnessed a disaster that we only saw on the news until now. It was so hard to take in. We visited places where terrible tragedies took place, yet, it was important for us to see them in person. This tour really opened my eyes to the horrors that happened on October 7."

Influencer Asif Elkayam said: "We went to Kfar Aza and also to the Nova festival complex. I think that these areas are living evidence of a second Holocaust, which the Jewish people went through. I believe that it is right to preserve these areas as areas of commemoration and heritage so that we will never forget."