Meeting between families of Amichai Rubin z"l and Refael Horovitz
Meeting between families of Amichai Rubin z"l and Refael HorovitzSpokesman Schneider Children's Medical Center

Not a single eye remained dry at the Schneider Pediatric Hospital during the meeting that took place today (Thursday) between the family of soldier Amichai Rubin , who fell in the battle near Kissufim and the family of 8-year-old Refael Horovitz who received his liver lobe.

Amichai’s parents, brothers and sisters were present at the meeting, and brought Refael and his parents a gift, a wooden block with Amichai's picture on it. Refael's mother hugged Batya, Amichai’s mother, and gave her a necklace with his picture and the inscription "Mother’s hero."

"This piece is a gift for you. Your most expensive piece of jewelry, I got from you as a gift," she said.

Dorit, Refael's mother, added: "We have a younger child at home, who is celebrating his 3rd birthday today and he has such a cheeky laugh. Over the years Refael laughed less because of the pain. After the transplant, he suddenly started laughing again." She said that Refael was very excited about the meeting and wanted to show them so many things and ask them if Amichai was a naughty boy.

Yishai Rubin, Amichai’s father said to Dorit: "We were so moved when you spoke about the meaning of the liver in terms of the good qualities of a person, because Amichai really was one big kind heart, and thanks to the joy of life that was in Amichai, Refael will be a happy child.”

About two weeks ago, Refael underwent a life-saving liver transplant after the lobe of the liver that was found to be suitable for him was donated thanks to the family of soldier Amichai Rubin z”l, who died of his wounds after a heroic battle he waged against terrorists by the outpost near Kissufim.

8-year-old Refael, who had been dealing with severe liver disease since he was a baby, needed an urgent transplant due to his deteriorating condition, and has now been given his life as a gift. After the successful transplant, Refael was moved to the intensive care unit in Schneider, and is hospitalized for further treatment and recovery in the pediatric ward until he can be released to his home.

Amichai's family decided to donate his organs, and thanks to this, five people were given a new life. His mother said after the transplant that "when Amichai went out to save lives, he didn't know how many lives he was really going to save."

Dr. Michael Gurevich, director of the liver transplant unit at the Schneider Pediatric Center said: "There are no words to describe how the operating room team feels in this complex situation. The knowledge that the soldier saved lives in his life as well as in his death is a haunting thought. During the sirens, we are busy saving a child's life, and are grateful for the privilege given to us. Every child is an entire world, and we are on the side that sanctifies life, and fights for children's lives."