Benny Gantz
Benny GantzYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Minister Benny Gantz (National Unity), a member of the war cabinet, held a press conference on Thursday in which he discussed the combat in Gaza and its implications.

"We are advancing the continuation of the campaign and the readiness to go up a stage on all fronts as needed. We are strengthing the defense on the borders. The ground maneuver is only one stage in a long-term series," Gantz stated.

According to him, "The move to join the government has already proven itself. We make the decisions based on the broad considerations.

Combat deep in Gaza will continue at any time and place we need. Despite the difficult conditions in the beginning, Israeli society, on the front and at home, has been revealed in all its glory," he added.

He mentioned that "returning the hostages is integral to the war's goals."

Gantz warned Hezbollah not to open an additional front in the north. "The IDF is a strong shield on the entire northern border. Whoever needed to evacuate evacuated. Hezbollah is being hit hard. That's how it will continue. I suggest that our enemies not get confused. The might is tremendous and ready to pounce, and it would be smart for our enemies to stay back."

When asked about accountability for the failures that led to the Hamas terror attack, Gantz answered: "Anyone who was part of the leadership of state can not escape the responsibility, including myself."

The minister also responded to questions regarding how long his party would cooperate with the Likud. "I am a soldier. I did not do politics when I joined the emergency government. Just like I knew when to join, I will know when to leave."