Courtney Carey, a team leader at the Israeli technology company WIX in Dublin, Ireland, was fired after calling Israel a "terrorist state".

She wrote these statements on her LinkedIn account and added that "Zionism is the root of violence."

"Today I am proud to be Irish, to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people against Israeli apartheid with over 25,000 protesters," she wrote in a post in which she claimed that "the main reason for the silence is Zionist ideology that denies Palestinian identity."

The company's president, Nir Zohar, wrote after the incident: "I have received messages from Israeli employees and colleagues from all over the world who sent me screenshots of one of the WIX employees stating that Israel is a terrorist state."

"Our team members in Israel have been through so much since the terrible attack by Hamas on October 7. They are in mourning; some have lost their homes, others have lost friends and family. Others have been locked up for hours while shots were fired outside their shelters, and their friends have been murdered."

"The employee posted something similar last week. She was asked by her manager to be sensitive after she was told how much pain this was causing her colleagues, so she removed the post. A few days later, she published a new post in which she pointed an accusing finger at the victims of the terrible terrorism."

In conclusion, he wrote: "WIX is an open and liberal company. We will not try to limit anyone's political views, but we also hold a set of internal values regarding our team spirit, partnership and friendship. These accusations at times like this not only hurt the spirit of our Israeli team, but they are also threatening the great connection between our offices in Dublin with our 500 team members and their Israeli colleagues. That's why we decided to say goodbye to this employee."