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Raz Shapira, a nurse at the pediatric emergency at Soroka Medical in Be'er Sheva, was suspended from her job until further notice after she wrote a post on Instagram calling for the disavowal of healthcare system staff who support Hamas and the October 7th massacre.

Shapira to journalist Oded Ben-Ami that she does not recant and made clear that she condemns and disavows any employee that supports and praises the brutal massacre. It is still unclear why the hospital chose to suspend her.

The post that led to Shapira's suspension stated: "In the most beautiful profession in the world, the monsters raise their heads. Subhuman nurses who work in hospitals in the Land of Israel, people who care for the ill, write words of support for the massacre that we underwent and are still working. We are still bleeding... I swear, you are my project. I will make sure that everyone knows who you are. I will do everything so that you will never, ever work in this profession again."

In an additional post, she wrote: "The amount of messages I received in recent days made clear to me how severe the situation is at home. After we finish dealing with them there, we'll have to deal with terror supporters here! Otherwise, we didn't do anything. All the names that you gave me are being dealt with.

The Lemanchem organization, which works for thousands of sick people in Israel, announced that it would stop referring patients to Soroka. President's Prize recipient and Lemanchem chairman Yossi Erblich stated: "The Nation of Israel is at war, and there is no place in the healthcare system for those who praise terrorists. The nurse Raz Shapira acted correctly when she expressed distaste as is expected from any human being."

Soroka Medical Center commented: "The management of Soroka Medical Center is working without compromise and denounces any expression of support for Hamas or incitement, and if G-d forbid there are any expressions like that by staff, they will be suspended immediately. At the same time, we will not accept expressions that offend an entire group of hospital employees and defamation of them. We can not accept calls to 'clean out the stables' and threats to harm dedicated workers at their place of work. The medical center dealt with and will deal with hundreds of injured from Hamas's terror attack on Saturday, 10/7, and since then, with tremendous dedication, shoulder to shoulder, of all the medical center's staff from all sectors of Israeli society."