File footage: IDF attack
File footage: IDF attackPhoto: IDF

IDF soldiers, based on IDF and ISA intelligence, killed the Commander of the North Khan Yunis Battalion of the Hamas terrorist organization, Taysir Mubasher, the IDF and ISA announced Wednesday morning.

In the past, Mubasher served as the Commander of Hamas' naval forces and held several positions in weapons manufacturing.

Mubasher has extensive experience in the military and as a commander, directing terror attacks, and he is a relative of senior Hamas operatives, including Mohammed Deif, the supreme commander of Hamas' military wing.

Mubasher was responsible for numerous terror attacks against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers throughout the years, including the terror attack in the Atzmona Mechina, in which five of the academy's students were killed and several more were injured.

Furthermore, intelligence shows that Mubasher manufactured the explosive devices used to explode a tunnel under an IDF post in Gush Katif in 2004, which killed an IDF soldier a injured several more, In addition, Mubasher directed the terror attack on the Vered Post in 2003, and was involved in the infiltration into Zikim beaches during Operation "Protective Edge."

During the war, 300 rockets and mortar shells were launched from Khan Yunis toward Israeli territory.