Prayers for Israel
Prayers for Israelcourtesy of the photgrapher

Following the heinous terrorist attack launched on Israel on Simchat Torah (October 7) and the war in the south, the Jews of Ukraine are uniting to express their mutual support for Israel.

In the presence of the Chairman of the Israel-Ukrainian Parliamentary Friendship, Alexander Kunitsky, Diplomatic Cadet at Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Liron Finkelstein, and other members of the Ukrainian Parliament, the Chief Rabbi of Kyiv, Rabbi Jonathan Markowitz, held a special prayer service for “raising” the souls of the murdered, healing the wounded in the terrorist attack, for the success of the security forces and the return of all the hostages, and read chapters from Psalms and a prayer for the peace and wellbeing of the Jews of the Land of Israel.

The event was held at the Chabad JCC synagogue, with the participation of many Jews in Kyiv, including an elderly man whose family perished in the Babi Yar massacre.

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Cadet to Ukraine thanked Rabbi Markowitz and the Jewish community for their support, and said that “now we see who Israel's true friends are, who stand by her in a difficult time and who chooses to support Israel's enemies.”

Chairman of the Israel-Ukrainian Parliamentary Friendship, Alexander Kunitsky, said that Israel and Ukraine are facing cruel enemies who do not hesitate to commit heinous crimes.

"Such a massacre takes us back to dark times. Now more than ever Ukraine stands by Israel and embraces Israel. The free world has no other choice but to eradicate evil.”

"There is a strong connection between the people of Ukraine and the people of Israel," says Rabbi Jonathan Markowitz. "Throughout the entire [Russia-Ukraine] war, we received hugs, support and encouragement from Israel, and now we are giving back the little we can do. In the last two years we have learned firsthand what it is to live under incessant bombings, and we sympathize completely with the residents of the south. We will continue to pray for the victory of the forces of light in Israel and throughout the world.”