Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday afternoon met with French President Emmanuel Macron, during Macron's solidarity visit to Israel.

Describing the October 7 massacre perpetrated by Hamas against Israeli civilians, Netanyahu said, "On October 7, Hamas waged war on Israel. It was the worst terrorist attack the world has known since 9/11, but for Israel, proportionately, it was like twenty 9/11s. It was the worst act of antisemitic violence since the holocaust."

"It's impossible to describe all of the horrors, but like Anne Frank ,Jewish children hid in attics from these monsters, and they were found and butchered. As in Babi Yar, Jews were machine-gunned.

"Hamas butchered, Hamas beheaded Hamas burned babies alive. Hamas raped, Hamas kidnapped - hostages, over 200 - babies, children, elderly, Holocaust survivors. We are in a war between barbarism and civilization."

"Today the international community is uniting in support of Israel," Netanyahu stressed. "For Hamas barbarism not only threatens the Jews - it threatens the Middle East, it threatens the region, it threatens Europe, it threatens the world. Hamas is the test case of civilization against barbarism."

Noting that France has experience with terror, he added, "You refused to tolerate this threat. And the people of Israel refuse to have ISIS in a terror enclave on its border."

Netanyahu also noted that Gaza is "not an enclave of ISIS thousands of kilometers away from Europe. It's ISIS in the suburbs of Paris, it's ISIS - you can drive 20 minutes and you reach the suburbs of Paris and you have ISIS there. We cannot live like that. Nobody can live like that. So we are doing everything we need to do to destroy Hamas in Gaza."

"We will dismantle its terror machine, we will dismantle its political structure, we will make every effort to release our hostages, and we'll make every effort to keep Palestinian civilians out of harm's way. It's important to understand: Hamas is committing a double war crime: It's not only murdering our civilians, targeting our civilians, doing unspeakable war crimes. They're also hiding behind civilians, their own civilians. We asked the people of Gaza to leave, to go into a safe zone in the south, where we're enabling humanitarian aid to reach.

"Hamas is putting checkpoints with guns, with people with guns, to prevent Palestinians from leaving the war zone. Hamas is responsible for civilian casualties, but we will do every effort to avoid them and to fight this war as speedily and as rapidly as we can, but it could be a long war.

"When this is over, the people of Israel will rebuild their communities, and the people of Gaza will no longer live under Hamas tyranny. But first, there is one condition - one condition for anything that could happen, and the good things that could happen once this war is over. And that condition is that Hamas must be destroyed."

Macron responded, "I want to thank you for this discussion we had together with our delegation. I'm here to express our support, our solidarity, and our support for today, tomorrow, in all different fields of this battle against terrorism."

"France mourns the lives of the young people who were taken by the terrorists. You are not alone. We have fought against ISIS and we will fight together against this terror as well. Hamas is a terror organization and therefore it does not represent the Palestinian nation."

Macron then turned to the audience to say a few words in French. Afterwards, he said, "I want to thank you, Mister Prime Minister, not just for your time, but because ... this fight against terrorism is obviously a matter of existence for Israel. But it's a matter of existence for all of us."

Macron also urged the creation an international coalition to fight terror groups, concluding, "Let me express once again my solidarity, my friendship, and the fact the France stands with you in this awful terrorist act you experienced."