Family members of the hostages
Family members of the hostagesAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

The New York Times reported that an Israeli official said that Hamas will probably release 50 prisoners with dual citizenship.

The Times also reported that an official with knowledge of the hostage negotiations, which are taking place mainly through Qatar, said Hamas had warned that a ground invasion would make hostage releases much less likely. Qatar has close ties to the political leaders of Hamas and hosts much of the Hamas leadership.

"A senior Israeli military official said that based on conversations between the United States and Qatar, Hamas could possibly release about 50 dual nationals separate from any broader deal" the report stated.

Hamas and other terrorist organizations kidnapped at least 222 Israelis and foreign nationals on October 7, during a terrorist attack in dozens of communities in southern Israel in which over 1,400 people were massacred.

On Friday, Hamas released two hostages, a mother and daughter with American citizenship.