Ezra Yachin
Ezra Yachinצילום: ערוץ 7

95-year-old Lechi underground fighter Ezra Yachin, in a discussion with Arutz Sheva-Israel National News, sent support to the soldiers of the IDF, the defense establishment, and the diplomatic rank and called on them not to forget that Hamas is the offspring of the Amalekites who must be eradicated.

Yachin explained the connection he sees between the 1929 massacre of Jews in the Land of Israel, the War of Independence, and the events of October 7th, 2023. "It wasn't just 48'; 1929 was the same. They burned entire families, beheaded, and committed horrifying acts. During the War of Independence in 1948, they did the same horrors.

We have to know and understand. Why, of all the things that we are commanded to remember: 'remember the exodus from Egypt' and 'remember the Sabbath day,' do we forget the vital memory of what the Amalekites did to us? We forget it every time, and then we get hurt. Even the patriarch Jacob was confused, but this Hamas is the offspring of Amalek in every sense of the word."

Yachin spoke about national trauma and how to contend with it: "The harder you hit the enemy, the faster people get out of the trauma and feel better. Perplexity is what leads to trauma. But when we hear that our enemy gets hit again and again, it subsides the trauma. It's psychological, not that I'm a psychologist, but in my 95 years, that's what I've learned and understood."

Regarding the waiting period before the ground offensive, Yachin sent support to the soldiers and said: "We have the chance to destroy them. We don't have to get upset. We need to get them. The main thing is to kill as many as possible. These people don't have the right to live. Hamas in Gaza and Hamas in Judea and Samaria are the same offspring of Amalek. We have to understand that G-d gave us strength. It isn't a given. It says, 'So they shall uphold my covenant,' what is the covenant? The covenant is to inherit the land, and we can not inherit the land without destroying the Amalekites within it.

Yachin concluded by describing his current activities in the IDF: " I'm on my way up north now. I was in the south, on the front, and now I'm going to the northern front to encourage the soldiers. I tell them something like this: In the Lehi, we had a saying: 'Death to the enemy, freedom for the homeland.' Today, the motto must be 'Death to the enemy, peace for Israel.' This is how we need to start and end every broadcast, especially you, Arutz Sheva, and, in general, on every channel. End with these words: death to the enemy, peace for Israel."