The donated supplies
The donated suppliesCourtesy

Since the October 7th massacre and outbreak of war that have already claimed the lives of over 1,400 Israelis and wounded close to 5,000, Jews across the US have united to support Israel’s victims, soldiers on the front, and thousands of bereaved and displaced families.

As part of this massive initiative, an EL AL 787 Dreamliner that landed recently in Ben Gurion Airport was filled not with passengers or suitcases, but with 22 tons of medical equipment and supplies, all of which were donated to assist with the ongoing war effort.

Jointly sponsored by EL AL Israel Airlines and the New York-based Amudim Community Resources, the charter flight was coordinated in conjunction with the special envoy of Israel's Ministry of Diaspora Affairs. Also taking part in the New Jersey area humanitarian effort were Achim L’Neshek, CareOne, The Brownstone, and numerous individuals who covered the cost of the emergency supplies. The 787’s cargo hold was packed with pallets of boxes containing essential medical items, and nearly all of the Dreamliner’s 271 seats held duffel bags loaded with additional supplies.

Among the items that were sent were 23 duffel bags earmarked for United Hatzalah and 51 pallets of essential equipment including ventilators, suction devices, jejunostomy tubes, gauze and tourniquets, all of which were packed up by volunteers at CareOne’s Teaneck, New Jersey location.

In addition to crediting the many members of the local community for tirelessly assembling and packing the many supplies that were loaded onto the plane, CareOne’s Lizzy Straus expressed her gratitude to the doctors and hospitals who donated medical supplies to help those in Israel, as well as New Jersey Congressman Josh Gottheimer.

“We all feel so helpless because everyone knows someone in Israel, or has a family member fighting in Israel,” said Straus, adding that 700 duffel bags of supplies had been packed at CareOne and sent to Israel. “Knowing that you’re doing everything you can to help them changes things. It gives you hope. A lot of hope and love that went into everything that’s been happening, and we’re grateful to have been able to partner with some wonderful organizations.”

A statement issued by EL AL North American grounds manager Gil Radomsky credited Amudim, the Straus family, CareOne, The Brownstone, and Brothers in Arms for their participation in the special cargo flight.

“The EL AL team at JFK is proud to help the war effort with transporting this donated medical equipment and supplies for our soldiers, and we want to say thank you very much to everybody that is helping keep Israel safe,” said Radomsky.

Amudim CEO Zvi Gluck expressed his heartfelt thanks to EL AL for bringing communal efforts to send supplies to Israel come to life by making one of its planes available for the emergency flight.

“It is bittersweet that it is needed - we wish it wouldn’t be - but it is so great to have amazing partners and working partners who are here to help all of us do what we can to help all of our brothers and sisters in need,” said Gluck.