A local emergency security response team in a community in Judea and Samaria
A local emergency security response team in a community in Judea and SamariaNo Credit

Over the past two weeks since the massacre in the Gaza envelope, the IDF has been making drastic changes to its formations in the communities of Judea and Samaria, with an emphasis on those that are near Arab villages, Israel Hayom reported on Monday. The changes come from a fear that large numbers of terrorists will attempt to storm those communities, similar to what occurred in the Gaza envelope on October 7th.

According to the report, the communities were issued over 3,000 weapons; they were allocated approximately 140 belt-fed MAG machine guns, and emergency storage rooms were opened. In addition, thanks to quick office work, the minimal requirements to receive a firearm license were lowered. At the same time, the IDF Central Command fortified some of the communities with cement posts at the entrances and actual fortifications along the fences to push back terrorists who may storm the community.

In addition, at the moment, due to the war, regional defense companies are securing the communities while the members of local emergency security response units are called up to reserves.

The fear of terrorist infiltration is not at all theoretical. Last Friday, a 10-year-old Palestinian Arab boy was caught in the Jewish village of Shim'a in the southern Hebron Hills with a large knife on him. When the security forces interrogated him, he told them that his father carries an automatic weapon and walks around on the roads. After he saw a large military force in the village, he sent him to carry out an attack. "Dad sent me to carry out an attack and die the death of martyrs.

The operational activity in the Arab villages has also gone up a few steps and is much more aggressive than it had been. Over the night between Saturday and Sunday, a Hamas cell was eliminated in a mosque in Jenin after an intelligence report was received that they were planning to attack an Israeli target, inspired by the murderous rampage in the Gaza envelope.

The Central Command presented riots, apparently filmed on the Gaza border, under the title "riots under special circumstances" and described that they were "an attempted infiltration into an Israeli site, the breaking of the security fence, and a riot."

Many soldiers believe such an incident should not be considered a riot, but rather an attempted terror attack, and its potential threat is tremendous.

The IDF Spokesperson commented: "The Central Command works around the clock to strengthen the security frameworks of the communities in Judea and Samaria. The video discusses the conduct of IDF soldiers during a riot and clarifies the procedures. Following the attack on the communities in the western Negev, the Central Command did extensive work in light of which all communities in Judea and Samaria were reinforced with many defense measures such as additional weapons, enlisting emergency security response team members, and setting procedures to give weapons to civilians. The IDF is prepared to continue the mission of protecting the citizens of the State of Israel."