Haredi soldiers (illustrative)
Haredi soldiers (illustrative)Yaakov Nachumi, Flash 90

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari on Saturday night said that the IDF has received over 2,000 requests from haredim to enlist in the army.

"Since the start of the war, we have been witness to volunteering from every sector of Israeli society," he said. "We are witness to an increasing trend of haredim who submit requests to enlist and volunteer in the IDF. Thus far we have received over 2,000 requests from people from the haredi sector. We are creating a dedicated program, and beginning on Monday, they will start enlisting."

Regarding the IAF's strikes in Gaza, Hagari emphasized that the IDF sees any location being used by Hamas as a legitimate military target.

"Every building which falls in Gaza is a building which Hamas operates terror capabilities from," he stressed. "They are doing this on purpose, so that we will demolish buildings, and they recreate operational apartments in order to launch [missiles] towards the State of Israel, for the sake of holding operational activities."

"For instance, they placed an operations apartment, from which they launched antitank missiles, five hundred meters from a hospital. They want us to attack an apartment in a building near a hospital, so that they can show it to the world."