Israeli Arab activist Yoseph Haddad spoke with Israel National News - Arutz Sheva about his campaign promoting Israel's cause following the Hamas invasion.

"On October 7th, the worst disaster in Israel's history struck. This was our September 11th. I want the world to hear and see the twisted, sadistic acts and realize that if we don't succeed, you guys are next," he says as a message to the world.

Haddad claims that a significant amount of the world's media is deceiving the public: "Some of the reports coming out of here feel like an alternate reality. They are manufactured by people paid to lie, as in the case of the hospital bombing. People who claim to be reliable news sources immediately adopted the Hamas narrative."

"My job, and the job of every citizen of Israel, is simply to show the reality. The people who lie will keep on lying, and we will keep doing our job, though without official Israeli sources joining us we don't stand much of a chance."

Haddad also commented on the need to maintain international support for Israel: "The support in the first few days was great. Foreign diplomats, and indeed the world, want to know the truth. Recently, with help from the biased media, Hamas has begun to change the narrative against us. It is possible to fix this - it's all a matter of what official Israeli sources do."

Haddad's message to the public was a reassurance to all Israelis, Jews and Arabs alike.

"We are in shock," he said. "We are hurt. But one thing you cannot take away from Israel is the spirit. Almost immediately, everyone united, and that is why I am sure we will win. We're not going anywhere."