Vice President Harris and Second Gentleman Emhoff
Vice President Harris and Second Gentleman EmhoffReuters

US Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff met on Thursday with an American survivor of the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel, a White House official said, according to The Hill.

Emhoff met with Natalie Sanandaji, who was at the music festival in Kibbutz Re’im on October 7 when it was attacked by Hamas terrorists. Sanandaji safely returned to the United States following the attacks.

A White House official said Emhoff relayed President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ “steadfast support of Israel, the need to provide humanitarian aid to innocent civilians, and the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to combat antisemitism and hate of all kinds.”

Emhoff, the first Jewish spouse of a US President or Vice President, has made combating antisemitism one of key elements of his time in office.

Emhoff joined Biden last week in a meeting with Jewish community leaders, delivering emotional remarks about the terrorist attacks and speaking about his “deep, visceral connection to Israel and its people.”

In that same meeting, Biden stressed his commitment to Israel’s security and the safety of the Jewish people.

“The miracle of Israel is Israel itself. The hope it inspires. The light it represents to the world. I was asked in one of my very frank conversations with Bibi and [President] Herzog why do I feel so deeply about this? It’s not about the region. I truly believe that were there no Israel, no Jew in the world will be ultimately safe. It’s the only ultimate guarantee,” the President told the Jewish leaders.

Biden traveled to Israel on Wednesday in a show of solidarity following the Hamas attacks. During the short visit, Biden met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and with survivors of the Hamas attacks.