Jonathan Pollard
Jonathan PollardArutz Sheva

As I listened to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and President Joe Biden drone on about the need for us to allow an unmonitored humanitarian aid corridor to be created for the displaced Palestinians of Gaza, I was reviewing a recent poll of Gazans issued by the Israel Advocacy Movement. The results of the poll indicated that 57% of Gazans supported Hamas, while 71% had a favorable opinion of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. These numbers were then compared unfavorably to the 44% of Germans who voted for the Nazis. Clearly, there are no “innocent” Palestinians in Gaza.

Why the international media has taken up the cause, once again, of these murderous people is not hard to understand. After all, most of the press enjoys disseminating the false impression of Israelis as wicked colonial oppressors, which is an antisemitic narrative echoed on virtually every college campus around the world. But what could be the reason for our ostensible allies, the Americans, to forget that both our countries have legally defined Hamas, in particular, as a terrorist organization and that all this unchecked humanitarian aid is most likely going to flow directly into their hands to do with as they see fit. Are the Americans really so dense that they actually believe a distinction can be drawn between a terrorist organization and its supporters? Apparently, they can’t or won’t.

We have to remember that we are currently engaged in an existential struggle for survival with Hamas. Indeed, after what their blood-crazed zombies did to our people in the south, no one should be laboring under any illusion as to what their intentions are towards us. They are totally committed to carrying out a genocide of our people. And this is a goal that their ostensibly “innocent” civilian supporters thoroughly endorse. Just watching thousands of them rejoicing at the news of our slaughtered fellow countrymen on October 7 should dispel any doubt about their wholehearted support of our extinction. Indeed, once our security barrier had been breached, a horde of them poured across the border, pillaging our frontier communities and actively participating in the slaughter of our men, women, and children. Without a doubt, these Palestinians were not acting as “innocent” civilians. Rather, they were eagerly performing the role of Hamas auxiliaries, just as eagerly as Ukrainian and Baltic civilians assisted the Nazi Einsatzgruppen exterminators of our people in Eastern Europe during the Churban. But this similarity of the Gazan “civilians” with their European predecessors is apparently lost on Blinken and Biden, who feel that they’re somehow worthy of our compassion and humanitarian aid rather than a prison cell- or worse!

Does anybody really have a doubt as to what these “innocent” Palestinian civilians would have done had Hamas managed to overrun Ashkelon? Does anyone question that they would have helped Hamas slaughter and dismember our babies in their cribs and engage in an orgy of rape? However, according to the Biden Administration, we are supposed to overlook this probable outcome and treat these Palestinian “civilians” as innocent victims of Hamas intimidation and brainwashing.

During the Second World War, the Allies understood that there could be no distinction drawn between a murderous aggressor regime and its willing civilian enablers. That is why both the RAF’s area bombing raids against Nazi Germany and the 2Oth Air Force’s comparable firebombing campaign against Imperial Japan’s cities went largely unopposed by the citizens of Great Britain and the United States. This didn’t mean that there was a desire to massacre German or Japanese civilians in cold blood. Rather, it was felt that by dehousing Nazi Germany’s industrial workers and destroying Imperial Japan’s largely urban-based military industrial workshops, such aerial operations would bring the war closer to an end.

Likewise, we in Israel have finally realized that if Hamas chooses to embed their fighting forces amidst their civilian auxiliaries, the latter should not expect to be accorded any degree of compassion or consideration. Whether willingly or not, Gaza’s civilians are either voluntary human shields or simply unavoidable casualties of war. To be sure, we are not purposely killing them. On the contrary! We have gone to the trouble of warning Gazans living in the northern part of the Strip to leave before our anticipated ground invasion occurs. If they are without food, housing, or medicine as they assemble in the southern part of Gaza, it is not up to us to facilitate the provision of so-called humanitarian aid to these terror-supporting individuals. Indeed, for us to do so would make about as much sense had the English in 1943 provided humanitarian aid to German industrial workers who had been blown out of their homes by the RAF.
And lest we forget, these particular Palestinians voted for Hamas by a very wide margin and have enthusiastically endorsed this organization’s desire to exterminate us “from the river to the sea” ever since. Now, it’s time for them to reap the consequences of their bestial hatred. Let the UN take care of them all in a camp based in Sinai, as Avigdor Lieberman has correctly suggested. And let Joe Biden and Anthony Blinken refrain from coercing us into taking care of Hamas’ civilian auxiliaries. We owe these Arab Nazis nothing but our contempt and indifference.