Charity box (illustrative)
Charity box (illustrative)Flash90

Hello. My name is Rabbi Yossi Schulman, and I have an important message to you from the organization Unite The World about the ongoing crisis in Israel. First and foremost, we pray for the safety of all those living in Israel, including my own parents, and especially those who are in danger. That includes those who have been taken hostage, and all those who are on the front lines going to rescue them and keeping Israel safe.

Secondly, those people who commit barbaric acts of terror − murdering innocents, the elderly, the young − have clearly no care for the value of human life or the Seven Universal Principles which enshrine the ultimate value of human life, and these people will continue to commit acts of terror and murder. They must be killed or brought to justice. For those who support these acts of terror and help them, they also must be brought to justice.

Anyone who is not helpful to let the arm of law take care of these people and, whether willingly or unwillingly, is also not allowing the Seven Universal Principles to take hold in society − such a person must remove themselves and must help those who are trying to bring these people to justice. And if they are in the way, they are a threat to society themselves. Anyone who promotes a message legitimizing this behavior, or in any way equivocating it, must not be given a voice in society, because these words are a threat to all humanity − to say that there's any way to equivocate, to legitimize this behavior. These people should not be given a voice in our society.

Thirdly, you and I, who believe in the Seven Universal Principles, have an obligation to share this throughout society, throughout the entire world, every culture, every religion, every location. A society that does not promote the Seven Universal Principles runs the risk of producing such murderous and barbaric acts.

Therefore, we must share this with everyone, and it can also start with you and me here today. It starts by saying a prayer, making a blessing on food and being grateful, and doing charity, doing kindness. So today, you must not be afraid of those who seem to show that there will always be barbaric acts happening and there will always be terrible things in the world. That's their message. We must do the opposite. We must redouble our efforts to share goodness and kindness in society.

Here's what you can do today. A charity box is an A.R.K. − Act of Random Kindness. Take a charity box − an act of random kindness. Put in some coins and give them to someone who's in need. Create the model of society acting with goodness and kindness and educating our children with real values, because that is what will change the world. We must do this everywhere in the world, but it starts in your own community, in your own home. Take the time to share the Seven Universal Principles with everyone whom you can. Please support those in need, the victims, the victim's families, the soldiers who need encouragement in Israel. You can also support Unite The World at and help be a partner to share the Seven Universal Principles with everyone, starting with charity, acts of kindness, and real values.

Thank you, and may our work together produce a world where there's only kindness and peace and unity, where all society believes in and acts upon the Seven Universal Principles, and in which these barbaric acts and people who commit these barbaric acts have no place − they have no place in society, and they will not be able to do what they wanted to do again.

Praying for your safety, the safety of your family, and for all those in Israel. May we only see good and a better future. Thank you.

Rabbi Yossi Schulman is CEO and President of Unite The World, and Assistant Director of Ask Noah International.