Hasharon Hospital
Hasharon HospitalAlon Ozri

Hasharon Hospital announced Wednesday night that it has decided to remove Dr. Abd Samara from his position as head of the Department of Cardiac Intensive Care, following the publication of posts on Facebook praising the Hamas invasion of Israel.

The hospital management received evidence that the doctor changed his profile picture to the Hamas flag and even wrote that, "The enemies of the martyrs face Allah on the Day of Resurrection and with Allah the opponents meet."

"Following complaints received regarding an post by a doctor from the Sharon Hospital on his private Facebook page that allegedly supports terrorism, the doctor was immediately removed from work and the hospital management simultaneously filed a complaint with the police," the hospital said.

Samara responded in a post to the decision and claimed that he did not support terrorism. "It is now being published on the internet that I published a post supporting Hamas/ISIS. To clarify, the picture with the caption, 'There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger,' is not related to the difficult times we are going through now, it is a picture from two years ago and does not mean that I support terrorist acts, I am a Muslim and this is the first commandment of Islam."

"Everyone who knows me knows well: I have not supported, do not support and will not support acts of terrorism or anything that leads to the deprivation of innocent lives. I have spent my whole life with Jewish friends, who know me well, I have saved and will continue to save human lives because this is the mission I believe in."

On Tuesday, the police have arrested a nurse at the Bnai Zion Medical Center in Haifa who uploaded a post that included messages of sympathy and support for the massacre carried out by the terrorist organization Hamas.

The arrest follows a report regarding a post which read, among other things: "It is more than we could have expected," and, "It is an event that brings joy."

The suspect in publishing the post was located in a short time and arrested for questioning on suspicion of incitement, support and identification with the terrorist organization.

The Bnai Zion Medical Center in Haifa said, "The management of the Bnai Zion Medical Center expresses shock and takes very seriously the things attributed to a nurse in one of the hospital's departments and strongly condemns her statements."

"The management of the medical center will take all the necessary disciplinary measures against her in coordination with the relevant authorities in the Haifa municipality and the Ministry of Health until a hearing is held to examine the termination of her employment at the hospital as required by law."