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Learning any foreign language is quite difficult. While a lot of people would say that learning English is slightly easier than other languages, it’s still hard to achieve perfection. It seems that you are perfect with everything. You have almost an ideal grasp of grammar. You rarely have problems with punctuation. And you can talk for hours on various topics, even if you have a slight accent.

Still, you find it rather difficult to write an essay. Of course, you can Google something like 'write my essay' to find a suitable service and delegate the writing assignment to professional writers. These services can be especially helpful if you don’t know how to approach a certain type of assignment. Or you’ve forgotten about it altogether and don’t have the time to write it. Then, you’ll end up with a perfect essay sample that you can use to base your further works off of.

Using improper wording, messing up the punctuation, making grammar errors - those are the typical mistakes that ESL learners make when writing essays. But, hey, we’ve already established that you have a perfect grasp of grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation. So, what are the reasons that you can’t write the essay? Most likely you don’t know the main tips of the process. Let’s check them out, so you can easily write essays on your own.

Research The Subject Thoroughly

Generally, when you’re tasked with an essay you either pick a subject on your own or you are assigned one. Either way, you need to study the topic thoroughly. If the topic is unknown to you both in English and in your native tongue, it makes sense to study the materials that you can find on the said topic in both languages. It will allow you to figure out the central question of your essay and how to provide the proper answer to it.

In case you are familiar with the topic, don’t rely on the knowledge that you already have. Once again, you should study the materials in both English and your native tongue. There’s always a chance that the topic is viewed differently in yours and in English-language culture. That can provide you with the necessary insights for your paper.

Plan The Essay In Advance

Quite frequently, students with good knowledge of a foreign language think that they can write their papers from scratch. Of course, the idea is quite suggestive and makes you stand out from your ESL peers. However, regardless of whether you’re writing a paper in your native or foreign language, you should plan the paper in advance.

Firstly, it helps you to move with process rather easily. When you have an outline and know on which aspects of the essays you’re going to expand in each of the parts, you don’t get lost in the middle of your writing process. Secondly, it helps with organising your thoughts in general. Planning in advance not only helps with paper writing, but with presenting certain topics orally. Don’t rush to write from scratch, you’ll get there in time.

Stick With The Three Parts Essay Structure

Of course, you can alter the structure of your papers. Yet, most essays stick to one simple three parts structure: introduction, main body and conclusion. Let’s say you devote the first paragraph for the introduction where you present the main point of your paper. Then you have up to three paragraphs of main body, where you expand on the topic and provide pieces of supporting evidence to prove your point.

Finally, you have the conclusion, which is generally one paragraph long. There you sum up your essay and provide a logical conclusion to your work. We know, sounds way too conventional, however, writing several essays like that will provide you with necessary language skills that will allow you to toy with the structure with your later work.

Mind The Rewrites

Yes, everyone wants their essay to be a perfect piece of work that you just write from start to finish, and submit it the way it is. But that’s not the way you should work on your papers. Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, you need to consider making several drafts of your paper, before you make the definitive version of your essay that you can submit for your professor to choose.

While it’s not like you need help from the best dissertation writing service for your ESL essay, there are several reasons why you must consider making several drafts. Firstly, it will allow you to polish your language. Write the first draft, relax for a while, and then reread and rewrite it to make sure that you didn't make any grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. Just for your information, the paper that you order from any service goes through the same process.

Another reason for making drafts is to make sure that you’ve mentioned all the information that you initially wanted your essay to contain. There’s always a risk that you’ve missed mentioning something or that the information that seemed cool for inclusion initially doesn’t fit the main context anymore. Making drafts will help you get a definitive paper that is easily submittable.

Don’t Forget Proofreading and Editing

After you’ve crafted the final draft, despite the fact that you went through several re-edits and re-writes, you still need to proofread and edit the paper. The most important aspect is that you shouldn’t do it right after you finish writing. Take a small break. And if you have enough time before the submission, take a break for a day.

After the break, you can have a fresh look at your paper. This way you can make sure that you notice all the errors that you’ve possibly made, and polish your paper to the perfection. You can also make sure that all the paragraphs follow one another logically. Only after proofreading and editing your paper, can you consider submitting it to your professor.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it, five tips that can help you craft a perfect essay in English. Utilise those tips whenever you have a written assignment, and who knows, maybe several years from now, you’d be able to craft more complex works. Maybe one day you will start writing as a professional author for other students.