Netanyahu and Biden
Netanyahu and BidenHaim Tzach/GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summarized the results of US President Joe Biden's visit to Israel, which concluded this evening (Wednesday), as well as Biden's meetings with Israeli officials

"Citizens of Israel, I would like to update you on a few things from my meeting with President Biden. Last night, even before the President's visit to Israel, I presented him with conclusive evidence that Islamic Jihad, and not the IDF, was the one that fired the missile and it was the one that struck the hospital in Gaza. I directed our national information system and the IDF to spread these proofs, and today the world knows the truth. It will also be heard in the [UN] Security Council," Netanyahu said.

"This is the first time that the President of the United States has come to Israel during a war. I spoke with him about the horrors we have gone through, about the terrible pain of bereavement and sorrow that has fallen upon us all.

"With today's visit, we achieved something of the utmost importance and which constitutes a huge contribution to our security: enormous security assistance to the State of Israel, assistance on an unprecedented scale, including assistance that further strengthens our ability to fight.

"Regarding the abductees, I clarified three things to President Biden: First, I demanded the return of the abductees, and we are working together in every possible way to return them. Second, until they are returned, we demand visits by the Red Cross to our abductees. Third, we will not allow humanitarian aid of food and medicine from our territory to the Gaza Strip until they are returned.

"President Biden came here not only with moving and comforting words, which touched the heart of the entire nation, he also came here with actions: in our meeting today we agreed on actions that ensure the continuation of our just war. We agreed on a cooperation that would change the equation in all sectors, and help us achieve the goals of the war.

"Citizens of Israel, my brothers and sisters, the nation of Israel lives - and the nation of Israel will be victorious," Netanyahu concluded.