MK Amit Halevi
MK Amit HaleviArutz Sheva

Amid US President Joe Biden's solidarity visit to Israel, MK Amit Halevi took to social media to refute the president's statement that "Hamas does not represent all the Palestinian people, and has brought them only suffering."

"No, President Joe Biden, no!" MK Halevi wrote, "Today you declared that 'we need to remember that Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people.' Well, no. This is a fundamental mistake that endangers Israel's security and future."

Halevi explains: "Nearly 2 million reside in the Gaza Strip. 80% of them were educated by Hamas and its objective to destroy Israel since Hamas brutally took control of Gaza in 2007. The adults among them were the ones who elected Hamas in a free election in 2006, in which it won.

Thus, contrary to your statement, today in the Gaza Strip, approximately 2 million people support Hamas, whose hearts are filled with a deranged religious hatred towards Jews and Israel.
This, Mr. President, is why masses of citizens participated in the horrific massacre and openly expressed sadistic pleasure from acts of rape, beheading, and the burning of infants.
This is also the reason why their supporters in the Palestinian Authority and around the world justify these actions by Hamas."

Halevi concludes: "And why is your mistake so critical? Because if you came here to rescue some hostages, to demonstrate our friendship, but still ensure that by the end of the war, Israel doesn't control the Gaza Strip, and the life there returns to normal, then – Don’t!"