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French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Tuesday that a hard-left lawmaker should face a criminal investigation on suspicion of justifying terrorism after she described Hamas as a "resistance" movement, AFP reported.

The comments by lawmaker Daniele Obono of the France Unbowed (LFI) party come as the party and its figurehead and ex-presidential candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon are coming under increasing pressure even within the left over their stance on the attack by Hamas on Israel.

"Hamas, a resistance movement? No! This is a terrorist movement," Darmanin wrote on X, adding he was requesting prosecutors open a probe into justifying "terrorism".

Asked repeatedly on Sud Radio if Hamas was "a resistance movement", Obono replied, "yes."

"It's an Islamist political movement that has an armed wing," added the lawmaker, a member of parliament since 2017. "It's a resistance movement that defines itself as such."

Her comments immediately stirred controversy, forcing Obono to take to social media to denounce "manipulations."

"I said that Hamas was an Islamist political group that claims to be part of the resistance to the occupation of Palestine," she said on X, according to AFP.

"This is a fact," she said, adding that her comments were "neither an excuse nor support" for "despicable war crimes against Israeli civilians."

Last week, Darmanin announced that a French leftist party, the New Anti-Capitalist Party, is being investigated for glorifying "terror" over comments following the deadly Hamas attacks on Israel.

Darmanin told a TV news show that prosecutors referred the case to police after the far-left NPA affirmed "its support for the Palestinians and the means of struggle they have chosen to resist".

The party's statement concluded with the word "intifada", meaning uprising.