President Isaac Herzog
President Isaac HerzogAmos Ben-Gershom/GPO.

President Isaac Herzog commented on Tuesday evening on the explosion at a hospital in Gaza which was blamed on Israel, even though it was caused by an Islamic Jihad rocket which was misfired.

“An Islamic Jihad missile has killed many Palestinians at a Gazan hospital - a place where lives should be saved,” said Herzog.

“Shame on the media who swallow the lies of Hamas and Islamic Jihad - broadcasting a 21st century blood libel around the globe,” he added.

“Shame on the vile terrorists in Gaza who willfully spill the blood of the innocent.”

“Never before has the choice been clearer. Israel is standing against an enemy made of pure evil. If you stand for humanity - for the value of all human life - you stand with Israel,” concluded Herzog.

The IDF announced earlier that “an analysis of IDF operational systems indicates that a barrage of rockets was fired by terrorists in Gaza, passing in close proximity to the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza at the time it was hit."

"Intelligence from multiple sources we have in our hands indicates that Islamic Jihad is responsible for the failed rocket launch which hit the hospital in Gaza," the statement added.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the explosion at the hospital in Gaza and wrote, " "The entire world should know: It was barbaric terrorists in Gaza that attacked the hospital in Gaza, and not the IDF."

"Those who brutally murdered our children also murder their own children."