Chancellor Scholz and President Herzog
Chancellor Scholz and President HerzogAmos Ben-Gershom / GPO

President Isaac Herzog this evening (Tuesday) met in the Kirya in Tel Aviv, with Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz, who was visiting Israel following the barbaric attack on Israel carried out by Hamas on October 7.

President Herzog thanked the Chancellor for Germany’s strong stance alongside Israel and said: “I want to thank you for coming to Israel, and I want to express the uttermost gratitude of the people of Israel to the people of Germany, to the Parliament of Germany, and you and your government for supporting us in one of the darkest hours we have faced as a nation since the establishment of the State of Israel.”

“I have been touring the entire southern part of Israel today. I see an immensely strong society, resilient, hopeful, positive, despite the enormous pain that was inflicted on us. People are all mobilized - mobilized for the efforts to uproot the capabilities of Hamas, so that they can live in peace and move on to peace in the future, so that we can live side by side.”

The President stressed “Meanwhile, of course, we are worried about the hijacked civilians and soldiers. We demand the immediate release of the hostages and we care for the German citizens who are there as well. I know you are making this effort. I thank you as part of the family of nations and our friends who are here to show this solidarity and collegiality with the people of Israel. Thank you and shalom.”

The Chancellor reassured the President of his country’s support for Israel and said: “Thank you, I can assure you we will stand on the side of Israel as I said to the German Parliament, in a good message that was supported by all the members of parliament.”

President Herzog reiterated, “What is really important is that people will remember it, not only in the first and second week, it takes time. At the end when you fight the enemy and you want to take him out so the reality will change, we will need the full support of the international community, so that these ISIS forces can be eliminated.”