King Abdullah of Jordan
King Abdullah of JordanReuters

Jordan's King Abdullah II on Tuesday said that neither Jordan nor Egypt will agree to absorb "Palestinian" refugees, and that such a demand is a red line.

"There will not be refugees in Jordan, and there will not be refugees in Egypt," Abdullah said in a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. He added that there needs to be help for the "humanitarian situation in Gaza and the West Bank."

Regarding the evacuation of Gaza residents southwards, Abdullah said, "This is something which is inconceivable, which will push the entire region into another disaster and a new cycle of violence and destruction."

In a statement to the media, Scholz warned Iran and Hezbollah against involving themselves in Israel's war with Hamas.

"I expressly warn Hezbollah and Iran not to intervene in the conflict," Scholz told a news conference, stressing that "Israel has the right to defend itself."

Scholz will arrive in Israel later on Tuesday, to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On Wednesday, US President Joe Biden is expected to arrive in Israel for a similar meeting. French President Emmanuel Macron said at a press briefing that he is planning a similar visit in the coming days.