Israeli strike in Gaza
Israeli strike in GazaAtia Mohammed/Flash90

TalkTV anchor Julia Hartley-Brewer sparred with Palestinian Arab journalist Wafa Aludaini regarding the calls for a proportional response to the Hamas invasion.

Julia asked, "What would you say is a proportional response to the killing of 1400 Israelis including women and children? You're saying the current response is not proportional, so what is?"

Wafa replied, "We have been suffering under the Israeli occupation for seventy-five years. Five thousand Palestinians are still in the occupation jails, over one hundred children, over forty women. You are saying that as a journalist in Gaza, that we are just supposed to suffer. You don't know what it's been like in Gaza for the last seventeen years."

Julia denied this, saying: "I do know about the situation in Gaza. Do you think that this isn't a reasonable question to ask you?"

Wafa accused: "You are just looking at the Israeli side, and not what's happening here. I am just trying to tell what is happening here as a journalist. I see the Palestinian people suffering under the occupation, I see Israel using international support for it. I used to live in a refugee camp."

Julia then ended the conversation, commenting that she does not believe the question of a proportional response has been addressed.