Fighter jet takes off for strike
Fighter jet takes off for strikeIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Palestinian Arab media reported on Monday evening that Dr. Osama al-Mazini, a member of the political bureau of Hamas, was eliminated in an Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit later confirmed that Mazini was eliminated, saying in a statement, “The IDF and ISA killed Osama Mazini, the head of the Shura Council of Hamas terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip.”

“Mazini was responsible for Hamas prisoners and directed terrorist activities against Israel,” it said.

Al-Mazini was a senior member of the terrorist organization who previously handled the Gilad Shalit case when he was held by Hamas, and served as a minister in the government that operated in Gaza.

Earlier on Monday, the IDF released footage of an air strike it said killed the head of the Hamas general intelligence service.

Dozens of military command centers and mortar shell posts were destroyed in IDF strikes on Monday. In addition, the operational command center of Ali Qadi, one of the commanders of the Hamas “Nukhba” commando forces who was killed several days ago, was struck.

Furthermore, IDF fighter jets killed several Hamas terrorists inside of a military compound belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization.